Love your neighbor like yourself

Someone recently told me that the content of this site is not presented in the spirit of “love.”  I hope that others do not share the same opinion.  I do this out of love for others, out of concern for their souls, and out of love for God.  These posts are intended to inspire others to live a more fulfilling life, and one that is more pleasing to God.  In these posts, I share my thoughts about Christianity and Christian topics, and I am sincere in my desire to solicit the thoughts and comments of others, so that I may better understand what others think about the posts in view of their understanding of Christianity or experience with Christians.  But it would be doing everyone a disservice if I was less than honest or forthright.  Consider the topic of homosexuality.  This is a topic that pushes a lot of hot buttons.  But the fact of the matter is that the bible teaches that men should not have sexual relationships with men, and women should not have sexual relationships with women.  The bible says that this is an abomination to God.  So, with regards this topic, the bible cannot be any clearer.  However, this admonition is often not well received, and regardless of the manner in which it is presented, it is often going to provoke the offender, and not be received in the spirit of love.  This same holds true for any sin, for any wrong doing.  We do not readily accept admonition, or any criticism for that matter, in a favorable light.  But, if we are called to spread the gospel, how do we do it without teaching both faith and repentance?  How do we teach repentance without sharing what the bible teaches us about sin?  I think that most people in our culture know, or at least have some idea, what is wrongful or sinful.  Many, believers and non-believers, would agree that certain forms of behaviors are wrong, not just the heinous forms of behavior, but even the more subtle ones, like jealously, pride, anger, deceit – the list goes on.  The gospel teaches that we must repent from our sins, all forms of sin, even the subtle, less offensive ones.  I try to point this out in love, without condemnation, because on my best day, in my finest moment, I am but filthy rags.  Moreover, I do not wish to turn anyone away from the teachings of the gospel by presenting it in an unloving manner.  But consider this, Jesus Christ, He told it like it was.  He didn’t sugar coat it.  And, though He did it out of love, the greatest love, most people didn’t care for Him.  In fact, they resented Him and ultimately nailed Him to a cross.  When is comes to spreading the gospel, I try to emulate Christ, teaching faith and repentance, in love, and with the same love that I wish to others.  I try to love others like I love myself.

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