What is it that you want?

My wife teaches third grade Sunday school.  This past Sunday, she taught about how Bartimaeus, a blind man, received his sight.  As Jesus and His disciples were leaving the city of Jericho, Bartimaeus, who was sitting along the roadside, shouted “Jesus, have mercy on me!”  Many rebuked Bartimaeus and told him to be quiet but he shouted all the louder.  This caught Jesus’ attention.  He asked, “What do you want me to do for you?”  Bartimaeus replied, “I want to see.”  Jesus said, “Go, your faith has healed you.”  My wife has grappled with this story all week.  The insight that she gleaned from it is that we need to tell Jesus what it is that we want.  He wants us to tell Him!  The bible tells us that anyone who asks will receive.  But we must have faith – a great unwavering expectation that God will grant our request.  Today, I got a call from my aging mother.  She was upset and frightened.  A doctor had called her about the results of some tests that were conducted earlier this week.  Concerned about the test results, he wanted her to take additional tests today, and depending upon the outcome of tests, he was contemplating her admission to the hospital – she has been admitted to the hospital several times over the past few months and was frightened at the prospect of readmission.  I asked if we could pray for her.  Like the blind man, Bartimaeus, we told God what it was that we wanted, and with great expectation, we anticipated favorable test results for my mother.  This evening, we received a good report.  My mother’s condition has improved, and according to her doctor, for no apparent reason.  We know why.  It’s because we told Jesus want we wanted, and we were very specific.  And we had faith that Jesus would respond favorably.  And He did.  Jesus granted our request.  If you need something, Jesus wants you to tell Him what it is that you want.

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