The other day, my family and I were sitting in our breakfast nook having a conversation.  I do not remember much about the details of our conversation but I asked what we should do when we have turned away from God.  My daughter, who is very young, replied without hesitation with a single word, “Repent.”  This comes from the mouth of a babe.  A child knows the answer, an answer that we often do not wish to acknowledge or accept.  Why is this?  Maybe we think that we are better, more righteous, than we really are, like the rich young ruler who, when confronted by Jesus, said “Master, all these things I have done since my youth.”  Or, maybe we think that we can continue in sin because we are saved by grace.  But, in his epistle to the church in Rome, Paul said we cannot do this!  Paul questioned this manner of thinking when he asked, “How can we who have died in sin continue to live in it?”  Maybe we don’t believe in God, or we say that we believe in Him but we do not practice biblical principles or truths.  This is a dangerous place to be, walking in darkness, in defiance of God.  Even a child knows when we have turned away from God, we must repent.  Why is this so simple for a child?  I propose that it is because a child has little or nothing to lose.  They have not yet come to a place where they value the opinion or things of the world.  But we are not supposed to be in that place, as we are supposed to be in the world, not of the world.  So, why do we complicate this?  Why don’t we repent?

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