How can we not love God?

How can we not love God?  He fashioned us in His image.  He created all things for our pleasure.  He has given us dominion over the earth.  We can’t even see His creation the way He intended because we have so corrupted it.  And because of our corrupt nature, because we just can’t seem to get it right, He sacrificed His only Son as atonement for our wrong doings.  Wow, what kind of love is that?  My wife and I have children, three young children, who we love so dearly, and we wouldn’t sacrifice our children for anything, for anyone – period.   I can’t imagine why anyone would.  But God did.  He clearly loves us.  If you ponder on what God has done for us, you will come to the same conclusion; He truly loves us, and loves us in a way that we cannot fathom.   And, either we have to love Him or I surmise that we don’t know Him.  If we don’t know Him, hmmm – how can we know His Son?  And, if we don’t know His Son, we may be at risk of eternal damnation – yeah, I said it, “damnation,” an archaic word that lacks popularity with our culture today.  What does it mean?  Damnation refers to the eternal torment and punishment that we’ll suffer in the afterlife for our wrongdoings in this temporal life on earth.  That’s a mouthful.  It’s just easier to say damnation, even if it is unpopular.  So, what are our choices?  It’s not really a matter of life or death.  More succinctly stated, it’s a matter of eternal life in the presence of a glorious God or eternal suffering, a suffering that we cannot appreciate even on our worst day.  So, again, what are our choices?  The way I see it, we only have one – to love God, to the extent that we can, like He so deserves.  How can we do this?   Well, we can start by getting back to the basics.  We can spend time, or more time, with God.  We can read His word often daily, pray without ceasing, and meditate on Him always.  If we do this, how can we not love Him?

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