Does God move in the hearts of men?

Last Saturday, I published a post entitled Are you ready for a change?  I expressed a disappointment in myself for contributing to the world being the way that it is – a sinful world that apparently is becoming progressively more sinful.  I have been part of the popular culture, which appears to lack any trace of God.  I have been of this world, and in so many ways, I still am.  However, I now find myself in somewhat a Christian bubble.  We homeschool our children, we are self-employed – working out of our home, and we make every effort to filter out the world.  So, we now have a unique vantage point.  It’s like we are on the outside looking into the world.  I do not know of any other way to describe it.  It’s hard to see the dirt sometimes when you become accustomed to it.  Are we better than others?  No, well, maybe we are, in some respects, but not really.  We are not righteous – not even close.  In fact, there are so many people whose behavior is more acceptable to God than ours.  But we are trying.  And, quite honestly, I don’t see a lot of others trying.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not judging others.  If you knew just a little about me, you would know that I am in no position to judge.  In fact, only God can judge us.  But, I am concerned.  Being in the world, exposed to sin, makes it difficult to stand strong, to resist temptation.  We really need a revival, a genuine revival.  Today, I read an article entitled “Conference seeks genuine revival” in the February 2015 issue of the AFA Journal.”  The article does not appear to be available online but I can summarize it as follows.  The article was promoting a conference entitled Heart-Cry for Revival,” which is scheduled to be held in April 2015.  It’s sponsored by several heavy hitters in the Christian community.  The sponsors believe that there is an urgent need for a spiritual awakening.  I couldn’t agree more.  The dark forces working among us appear to be prevailing, at least at this instance.  Satan must be reveling.  He is the great deceiver.  It seems like he is either deceiving people to believe that there is no God, that popular behavior today is not sinful, or that God does not call us to a life of repentance.  To add fuel to the (eternal) fire, we have become so comfortable in our environments that we are complacent about what is going on around us.  Our God is an all-powerful God, whose capabilities are limitless.  But, He has passed His judgment on those who turn their backs on Him.  And, we appear to lack commitment towards God.  Have we turned our backs on Him?  Are we idly standing by awaiting His judgment?  It seems questionable whether God is moving in the hearts of men today.  We need a genuine revival but do we really want it?

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