What’s popular in our culture today?

In America, we profess to be predominantly of Christian faith.  But maybe that more accurately describes our origins.  We come from a lineage of Christians.  But many of us do not appear to be Christians.  At least, we don’t act like it. And it’s not popular to be a Christian in our culture. It’s easy to look around us and see what is popular. Look at the magazines displayed along the checkout lines at the grocery stores. Consider the content airing on prime time television. Listen to the lyrics of the popular culture music. One of the biggest attractions on the Internet today is pornography. People dress provocatively. Fornication and adultery have become the cultural norm, and more people are experimenting with homosexuality. These things are popular. Striving to be good, pure, virtuous or righteous is not popular. It’s old fashion. And speaking against the things that are popular in our culture is not popular. If anyone speaks against these things, they are accused of being judgmental.  But no one can decide on the fate of another.  Everyone’s fate lies in the hands of God.  He will judge our actions.  Those who get caught up in what the popular culture is doing may be in for a big surprise.  If you are a Christian, you should live according to God’s standards.  Christians should remember that they are supposed to be in the world, not of the world.  This holds true even if Christianity is unpopular.

One thought on “What’s popular in our culture today?

  1. I believe there are many more Christians out there than some realize. Everyone I have a deep connection with is a Christian, … not a Christian without fault. God made us imperfect. That is why we should surround ourselves with those of like faith, especially to support and guide us in times of weakness. This week, when I was ready to give up on someone who had repeatedly hurt me deeply, I had to be reminded that no matter how many times we turn away, or deny Him, He continues to call for us and stands by our side. That reminded me that my pain could never be as deep as His. We must always continue to show love, and eventually that love will open a hardened heart. As for non-Christians, or non-Christian-like behavior, we should try to remember to step back and recall his words. He told us that he who is without fault cast the first stone. In bringing out that point, and the fact that He tells us to love all our brothers as ourselves, I think He intends for us to bring others to Him, and He will guide them to change. On the road to change, they may need our support and encouragement. They will surely ask us questions, and God will provide us with the necessary answers. GOD IS NOT DEAD and He will never fail us!

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