What will it take to ignite us?

Over the weekend, I attended Ignite, a two-day Christian men’s conference in the Vines Center at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.  The word “ignite” means “to arouse a passion of; excite” or “to bring about or provoke something; stir up” (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition).  It is likely that few, if any, men were actually “ignited” by the conference.  My guess, and concern, is that we are all complacent, that we returned home unchanged.  And if we are not excited or stirred up, if we are not aroused or provoked in some way, then it seems like the conference is more like a social gathering, or entertainment for Christian men.  I understand that there were about 9,000 men in attendance.  Imagine if these men were truly ignited for the Lord, willing to share their faith in their community, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Imagine if these men, or some portion of them, could affect others, who could in turn affect others.  My concern is that these men returned home unchanged.  We go to church, services, bibles studies, meetings, and conferences, with fellow Christian, but we, at least most of us, are not committed to share our faith with non-believers, which is the great commission.  What will it take to ignite us to do this?

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