Do you lack intimacy in your marriage?

Do you lack intimacy in your marriage?  This may cause your spouse to stumble.  The bible tells us that husbands should be intimate with their wives and wives should be intimate with their husbands – that it is our marital duty.  It also says that deprivation of intimacy leads to temptation because we lack of self-control in this area.  Today, there is so much talk about sexual addictions and unbiblical sexual behavior.  It makes me wonder whether we are neglecting to fulfill our marital duty.  It is normal to have sexual desires.  But unfulfilled sexual desires can lead to the exercise of unhealthy and unbiblical sexually behavior.  We often get caught up in the busyness of life, even with noble activities.  However, when this happens, sexual desires often become unfulfilled.  This leads to an unhealthy lack of intimacy, which may encourage a spouse to seek fulfillment elsewhere.  Two years ago, my wife and I attended a marriage conference presented by Gary Thomas, the author of a renowned book entitled Sacred Marriage.”  Gary talked about the role intimacy plays in marriage.  He said that respected authorities have indicated that if a husband and wife are experiencing sexual intimacy no more than once a month, it’s like having no sexual intimacy at all.   Our desire for sexual intimacy needs to be fulfilled.  It’s the way God wired us.  And there is just too much temptation outside the marriage to neglect this fundamental need.  If you lack intimacy in your marriage, it may cause your spouse to stumble.

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