Life gets in the way

Hey, it was my intention to publish a post every day.  Although I have been told that this is very aggressive, it remains my hope to get back on track and make daily contributions.  I am encouraged by the direct feedback that I get from visitors (though my posts have gotten very few comments – unlike I had hoped).  Additionally, I have grown while doing this.  It makes me think about God and my relationship with Him.  It also makes me envy (not a bad way) those who are in the pastoral or disciplining profession because they have to stay on top of their game in their faith, just like anyone in any other profession.  When it’s not your profession, and even when it is, life gets in the way.  That’s what has happened to me over the past two weeks.  Expect to hear more from me.  Thanks for your encouragement.  Please participate by leaving comments.  This encourages me to continue to publish posts, which keeps me accountable.

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