Do you like a challenge?

Sometimes things get overly complicated.  We take in so much information in a given day, it’s difficult to digest it all, much less put something into practice.  Yesterday, I read an article that acknowledged this.  It listed a number of things right up front that would lead to a particular outcome.  Then, it said, “Reading the list is easy. Putting it into practice can be hard.”  So, let’s make this simple.  Think of something, one thing, whether it is easy or difficult, that you acknowledge is a flaw in your character.  It can be lying, cheating, gossiping, profanity, slothfulness, gluttony, materialism, anger, jealousy, pride, lust (porn), substance abuse – the list goes on.  You figure it out.  Pick one thing.  Now, stop doing it.  You may have to come up with a plan.  You may need take some affirmative action – confess, find some accountability, unsubscribe to a service, subscribe to a service (filter), whatever it takes.  And, don’t go back to it.  That’s my challenge to you.

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