Do you believe in visions?

When I was younger, I had what I believe were visions.  I remember lying in bed one evening.  As I was drifting to sleep, a small black spot formed on the ceiling.  In the moonlit night, the spot began to grow or spread, like an oil spill.  I do not know that significance of this but it wasn’t like a dream.  It lasted only a short while and I awoke in a sweat.  Shortly thereafter, I dozed off again.  This time I was drifting, like a character in Charles Dickens’ novel “A Christmas Carol.”  That is to say, I was upright, leaning slightly forward in a direction of travel.  And, yes, I was travelling.  I was traveling above the ground along an old city street lined with row houses, and everything was grey scale in color, like in a black and white television show from the 50s.  For some reason, I was petrified.  I was crying out for help.  I nearly struck my mother when she awoke me.  I believe these were visions.  Although I do not know their meaning, I think they represented something spiritual, something having to do with spiritual conflict.  Maybe something that has not yet been revealed to me.  I think that people have visions.  God says that in the last days, “I will pour out my Sprit upon all people.  Your sons and daughters will prophecy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.”  I believe God uses visions and dreams to communicate with us.  God did this throughout the Old and New Testaments.  In the Old Testament, God used a vision to assure Abraham that he would be the father of a great nation.  It was in a vision that Jacob wrestled with God.  In a vision, God reveled to Joseph that one day his family would bow before him.  The New Testament begins and ends with a dream and vision.  Joseph would have divorced Mary if God had not visited him in a dream and shared with him that Mary was carrying the Son of God.   The book Revelation is entirely based on a vision that John had while exiled in Patmos.  The biblical accounts of characters whose biblical stories are told, who had (or interpreted) dreams and visions, were very close in their walk with God.  I believe that we still have visions today.  I think God still reveals things to us through visions.  However, we don’t often hear about visions anymore.  Maybe it’s because we do not recognize them.  Maybe it’s because our lives are so full of noise that we can’t see them for what God intended.  Notwithstanding, I believe that we have visions today.  Do you?

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