Are you ready for a change?

I am disappointed – disappointed in myself.  We are so corrupt and I have contributed to the problem.  In a family devotional today, we were talking about sowing seeds.  Sow to the flesh and you reap corruption.  Sow to the spirit and you reap eternal life.  I have sown to the flesh.  When I refer to the sins of the world, I am not excluding myself.  I have been part of the problem.  I am a sinner and I have promoted sin.  And I am ashamed.  I have known of the Lord since I can remember.  I am of Christian origin.  But somewhere, in my youth, I started to think that Christianity was unpopular.  I turned away from my faith to do the things of the flesh.  And, it was by my own choice.  Jesus says that none can pluck you from His hand.  He never said that we cannot depart from Him, and years ago, I did.  I have been lukewarm at best.  I wish that I could say otherwise.  But when I look at the sins of the world, I blame myself for it being the way that it is.  I do not judge others because I know that I am, that I have been, an awful person.  I have been unfaithful to God – the God who has sacrificed His only son so that I could escape a fate that I so deserve.  Jesus died for my sins.  He took upon Himself my sins, my punishment.  And how have I responded?  By turning away from Him.  But God is an amazing God, full of love and grace.  He wants me to come back into the fold.  I so desperately want to please God but not just me.  I want others to please God.  I want a revival.  If we say that we have fellowship with Him and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth, we do not live out our faith.  I look around and what do I see?  I see a lack of fellowship with God.  I see a sinful world.  How can we love God and abide in sin?  This makes me so distraught.  I have so little faith that we can have a revival, a true revival, and live lives that are evidence of our love for God.  My heart breaks.  But God is bigger than all this.  Not our will but His will be done.  God can cause a great revival.  He can turn us away from our wrongdoings.  He can turn the darkness into light.  I pray that God changes the hearts of men, that we will turn away from our wicked ways and turn our face towards God.  I want to see a great revival.  How about you?

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