What could we accomplish if we were united?

Christians are not united, not as a whole, not in really effective numbers.  We have dominations.  Within denominations, we have churches.  Within churches, we are often divided into small groups or cells.  We are divided, not united.  I can remember as a very young child, during the civil rights movement, how the African-Americans rallied together, with the most prominent leader being Martin Luther King, Jr. The civil rights movement changed America. What does it mean to rally?  It means “to call together for a common purpose.”  American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition (2011).  Christians need to rally.  They need to come together for a common purpose, to motivate another change in America, a change towards Christian values, the values that America was founded upon.  Think about what people are able to accomplish when they are united, even for the wrong reasons.  Do you remember the Tower of Babel?  After the great flood that destroyed the earth, God told the people to spread out over the earth.  They rebelled against God and rallied together in a concerted effort to build a tower that would reach the heavens.  Consider the voices that are heard in American today.  They are the voices of the minority but their voices are united so that they can be heard.  I think the various church denominations split us up – they prevent us from being united.  The bible tells us, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  Imagine what we could do, if we could truly unite, if we could become a unified body, a unified church, seeking the desires of God, making His voice known.  Imagine what we could accomplish for the Kingdom of God.

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