God blesses those who work hard

God blesses those who work hard.  The bible doesn’t say that you have to be a genius to be rewarded.  But we have to work hard.  Proverbs is replete with teachings about being rewarded for our diligence.  It says that the desires of the diligent will be satisfied.  In contrast, those who do not work hard, their appetites will never be filled.  If anyone is not willing to work, he should not eat.  Even when the manna rained down from heaven, the Israelites in the wilderness had to collect the manna to eat, and could only collect enough for one day (except for the day before the Sabbath, they had to collect manna for two days).  Each day, they were required to collect manna to sustain them.  In other words, each day, they had to work to eat.  I am sure that children and elders, who could not fend for themselves, were provided for by others.  But, there were no handouts or entitlements.  The philosophy of “sharing the wealth” by taxation and redistribution is not a biblical principle.  This is not to say that we are not supposed to be charitable.  But it’s not supposed to be a governmental function.  In fact, when we give handouts and entitlements to people who don’t work, we are actually doing them a disservice.  I have a client who operates a very successful business, which is growing exponentially.  He works hard.  He is a good steward with his finances.  He rewards those who work for him.  And, he has been rewarded for his diligence.  In a discussion with him last summer, he said that if he was to do something philanthropic, it would not be in terms of giving something away to those who can earn it.  When we give something away to those who can earn it, they lose the motivation to do for themselves.  Welfare and other forms of entitlements discourage its recipients from working hard and getting what they truly deserve.  He would encourage people to work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Remember, God is faithful to reward those who work hard.

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  1. This is a great site. My first visit but I shared the 13th’s commentary on Work with my Facebook Friends. Keep up the good work!!

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