Should acceptance be our guide?

One day, my son was manning a post near the edge of our yard.  Concerned about his safety, I asked him to move away from the street.  He was clearly distraught.  I asked him why.  In response, he replied, “Because I want to tell others about Jesus.”  He was concerned about their souls and did not want them to go to the “naughty place.”  I agreed that he could continue if his mother would accompany him.  He returned to his post with his mother, and this time with a cooler full of popsicles – an enticement to those who passed.  After sharing the gospel, he would conclude by asking if they needed prayer for anything.  He was sincere, motivated by love, and his efforts were well accepted.  I shared this with a pastor, who said that this approach is cute when carried out by a young child (e.g., my son was eight years old at the time) but people are less tolerant of any approach by adults to share the gospel.  When Jesus talked to others, He wasn’t discouraged by rejection.  He warned that we too would be rejected, even persecuted, when He told us to share the gospel.  While we should approach others with love, acceptance should not be our guide when sharing the gospel.  More often than not, it will not be well accepted.

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