Are you comfortable in your Christian skin?

A lot of Christians are very comfortable in their faith, what I refer to as their “Christian skin.”  Maybe that’s okay.  Maybe they are where God wants them to be.  And, I am not here to judge them, and hopefully they don’t feel like I am.  A lot of people who profess to be Christians appear not to give much thought to their faith.  I am more concerned about this category of people because maybe they should.  I think that God speaks to all of us where we are.  And, clearly we are all not in the same place.  I am not comfortable in my Christian skin because I believe that I hear God’s voice, His still small voice, telling me that I am missing the mark.  I am concerned about those who do not appear to give their faith much thought, whether they can hear God’s voice, or recognize His voice when He speaks to them.  When I stand before the Lord, I hope that He’ll say to me, “Well done, my good and faithful servant,” because I am attuned to His voice, instead of saying “Depart from me, you evil worker.”  Which one would you rather hear?  Are you comfortable in your Christian skin?

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