Why do we do those things?

Paul once asked of himself, “Why do I do those things that I should not do, but I do not do those things that I should?” Last night, my family and I attended the cinema presentation of the new movie Annie. I thought that the movie was delightful, but for a few gratuitous inappropriate words. And, this was a children’s movie. The words did not add anything of value to the movie, and but for these indiscretions, I would have bought the movie for my children, once released on DVD. I do not believe that would be in our best interest. It would be a compromise in our values. How often do we compromise our values, or have we fallen so short of the mark that we don’t even consider inappropriate content inappropriate anymore? I remember, a few years ago, attending a Saturday morning men’s group, where one of the men mentioned that his wife had, the night before, attended a movie that was rated R. When she retuned home that evening, she shared with her husband that their pastor was there in the theater attending the same R-rated movie, and that she was embarrassed to have been seen by him. Maybe she should have been. Maybe the pastor should have been as well. Certainly, he is supposed to set the example for his congregation. Why don’t we resist the temptation to watch inappropriate content? If enough of us did it, the entertainment industry may develop a new content strategy, one that is more appropriate for Christians.

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